Food and All of It’s Magic

Food is magical right? I mean the effort it takes to make a great meal that tastes great and makes you feel good has to be somewhat magical. What is a recipe if not a magic spell? What is baking if not a form of alchemy? I know my grandmother was some sort of alchemist the way she created great meals for the whole entire family day after day and special holiday after holiday. It was something about the food and the family that made us closer for that short period of time. I can think back to my child hood, before mobile phones and internet made us all dummies. It was the dinners that were made by our grandmother that made everything all right. You knew no matter how long you were away you could always come to granny’s house for a hot meal and even a place to stay.


The Best Soul Food


I was told one time that the reason they call it soul food is because you place a bit of your soul inside of everything you make. This is 100% true and I can vouch for it as the good will and great feelings my grandmother had for her family were felt in every bite of the food she created. So yes, the food was magical and I hope one day that I can do the same for my family.

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